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Talk Therapy

Talk Therapy 

In order to stimulate growth, I aim for a therapeutic relationship that is compassionate and challenging in a safe and trusted environment.
You can expect a session of talk therapy to be focused on the issues of your choice.  Individuals pursue talk therapy for a broad range of issues including depression, anxiety, stress, marriage or dating, existential questions and crises, interpersonal skill, parenting, confidence, self-esteem, and relationship/family issues.
““If you’re not getting to the cause of the pain, you’re essentially chained to the past. Psychotherapy gets to the root.”―Marian Margulies, PhD – Forbes Article
As the relationship deepens, more material rises to the surface to be explored and ultimately transformed, I will likely suggest lifestyle modifications and I will walk you through some other treatment modalities such as EMDR, hypnotherapy or more experiential work such as mindfulness, body awareness, and role-playing in order to help us reach your goals.
Sometimes it is appropriate to discuss mental health diagnoses and effective treatment.  Other times it might be important to integrate medical consults and treatment.  Areas including addiction, eating disorders, and acute unresolved trauma can benefit greatly from the specific attention of topic specialists. Depending on the issues present and the treatment plan we develop together, I will occasionally with or refer to specialists in specialty areas in order to ensure the most effective care. I put you and your needs, health, and optimum life first, and support you in all the ways that I can.



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