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Navigating Life

Navigating Life 

“If you want something to change… well.. you are going to have to change something..”

Part of life is going through change and transition.
Sometimes this can result in getting stuck in grief, fear and/or uncertainty.  After a while you find yourself looking at a webpage like this one.
Why?  You’re exhausted.  The small stuff has become a chore.  This is because the changes and transitions that are life can take a toll.  Your energy and motivation gets impacted.  And this further impacts your physical and mental health.

Are you Going Through A Life Change or A Life Transition?

I’m not sure, so let’s find out:
A life “change” is an event and it is situational.  Examples include getting laid off from a job, selling your home, the birth of a baby or the loss of a loved one or a pet.
A life “transition” is a psychological response to the life change.   A life change can vary greatly.  It can occur when the kids move out, menopause hits, an environmental catastrophe occurs or a divorce becomes final.  In addition, a life change can be unexpected or two or more life changes may occur simultaneously.  Regardless of the mixture, when life change happens, most people are challenged with how they adapt and incorporate the change into their lives.  Some people might fight change or try to maintain life as it was before the change, while other people suffer from anxiety and uncertainty about the future.
Life can force a change in the world we as we know it.  It can cause a shift in family dynamics can make you feel isolated or disconnected from the world.  People often find themselves to be preoccupied, daydreaming about life before the change happened, and wanting things to go back in time.
Life changes can be emotionally overwhelming and this makes life transitions more difficult.
The good news is this.  If you are reading this, you are likely ready to get a handle on your life.

“If you want something to change… well.. you are going to have to change something..”
Navigating life requires movement.  Sometimes it means closing the door on a chapter of our life and forcing the beginning of a new one.  There are many paths forward as you navigate into unfamiliar territory.  You might even find yourself redefining your identity and purpose.
Keep moving forward.
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