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Child and Adolescent Advocacy

Child and Adolescent Advocacy

As a parent, I’ve had to effectively advocate for my children in response to psycho-educational results.  It can be emotional, intimidating and intense.  It is critical to keep the momentum going and to have an action plan.
I work with families to normalize the experience for young people and collectively, we learn what it looks like for students to advocate for themselves.  I also support families who are advocating for their children and this can happen by addressing anxiety, attending school meetings with parents, working directly with teachers or consulting with many other medical professionals.

I am currently very active in escalating the research regarding the dangers of smartphones in our public schools.   And I’m working hard on getting a research-based conversation going with the decision makers.  Here is the petition:

Here are a few local organizations I have worked directly with and can attest to their professionalism, their understanding of the systems we work within and their subject matter expertise.

Dr. Eisenberg evaluates and treats all school-related and behavioral child/adolescent issues. This includes Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorders, OCD, Anxiety, Asperger’s and all Autism Spectrum Disorders. He is a Certified Autism Specialist and works with children from Littleton, Englewood, Centennial, Highlands Ranch and Denver.

Lowry Speech and Occupational Therapy is a  group of highly trained speech language pathologists and occupational therapists who all share a common passion in working with children. Their treatment approach is fun, collaborative, and family-centered. They strive to ensure that skills learned in the clinic setting are generalized to home,  community, and school environments.  They offer comprehensive assessment and treatment for a variety of concerns that may be impacting your child’s ability to perform at their optimum.




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